If you run your own business, you will understand how relentless it can be to manage the workload at times.

It’s hard to truly switch off and get the downtime your mind and body needs to continue performing at its best.

If you’re anything like I am, working from home is a 24/7 job and the only way to get a complete rest from the work is to go on holiday.

Cape Range National Park

Swapping the city for nature at Cape Range National Park

Over the Easter break, I set off with my family to the Cape Range National Park up near Exmouth for a couple of weeks. Re-connecting with nature and spending some quality time with my family gave me the chance to slow down and relax away from life’s stresses.

We arrived in the middle of a storm. Torrential rains pounded the red earth and the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Wallace turned the campsites into giant muddy puddles.

As I watched my children play in the warm rain, I was reminded how children can take delight in the simplest of pleasures and it wasn’t long before my husband and I joined in the rain dance.

Natural beauty of Exmouth

Close encounters with wildlife

During our stay, we were fortunate enough to see a new turtle hatch and make the long journey to the ocean. Before we could blink, a seagull had swooped down and snapped it up in its beak.

Acting on instinct, my five-year-old son ran after it and roared at the gull, who dropped the turtle, allowing it to complete its trip to freedom.

Enjoying the natural beauty

Snorkelling is plentiful in Cape Range National Park and our days were spent exploring the many coral reefs that line the shores. The colourful fish swam inches from our nose as we bobbed in the warm waters along the glistening formations of coral.

On our last day, a pod of dolphins came swimming by our campsite and we jumped in our kayak to get a closer look at them playing in the lagoon. As the dolphins surfaced metres from us, we had a chance to see their inquisitive faces before they returned to where they came.

Kayaking at Cape Range National Park

At night, we fished off the side of the dinghy and had a fresh feed of large Spangled Emperor for Good Friday.

Each day, we witnessed nature’s beauty with awe. Lizards, cockatoos and kangaroos were regular visitors to our campsite and the kids spent hours riding their bikes, beachcombing and chasing after crabs. It was nature play at its best that ignited a confident and independent spirit within my children. It blossoms each time we return to this sacred spot.

Ocean at Exmouth

Tips for switching off while on holiday

While the holiday from my business was a joy, it was also a priority. After suffering business burnout in the past, I have learnt the importance of taking the time to recharge and refocus, while reflecting on business growth and progress.

However, as a busy business owner, I know it can also be tough to switch off at times. This is why I take a business journal to write down everything I’m thinking in relation to my business.

Morning rituals

I try and take at least 30 minutes every morning, usually on a secluded beach, to jot down business ideas.

I often find that I see the bigger picture when I take this thinking time for myself while on holiday. It’s also a great way to compress my desire to work into a block of time that won’t affect the rest of my time away from my desk.

I often come up with the best ideas for business developments at these times. While I return feeling fresh from my holiday, I also come back with a clearer vision of my next steps to achieve my business goals.

Having fun in the water at Cape Range

What you need to know for your visit to Cape Range National Park:

If you fancy a trip to Cape Range National Park to find your own downtime, plan your holiday in advance as it’s a long drive at 1,200km north of Perth.

You need to be completely self-sufficient to camp at the Park, although there are long drop toilets. You will need to bring all your water and fuel in with you. Mobile reception is also intermittent throughout the park.

I recommend booking ahead in the holiday season because many of the sites book out.

If you have a generator, you will only be able to camp in designated areas, and you’ll need to bring a drill and strong pegs for your tent as the ground is very hard.

Be careful driving around the Park at dusk or dawn as we spotted nearly 100 kangaroos, a snake and two dingoes in one short drive.

Camping in a Jayco Expanda