So how did I get into bookkeeping in Perth?

My husband started his own stormwater drainage business in 2011. While he is great at what he does, he was completely lost when it came to any admin tasks. As a hard-working tradie on the tools, he had never developed computer skills and had no idea where to start with the actual setup and running of the business, never mind bookkeeping!

So while I was working full-time as a Research Scientist at UWA and completing my PhD, I decided to help him succeed even more in his business. I quickly took over all his admin tasks, built a website and engaged it with social media channels. I really loved seeing the business grow.

Bookkeeping in Perth Santosha

Training to be a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping was just part of the workflow, but as a scientist with an affinity for numbers I found I was naturally drawn to the task. To get better at it, I decided to complete my Cert IV in bookkeeping in Perth, as I knew bookkeeping was a specialist area that needed proper training. I also engaged a mentor, John Hoff at Taxation Management Services, for the technical support I needed to improve my skills. John quickly saw promise in me and has been a huge support over the last 7 years as he has trained me to be an expert bookkeeper and get my BAS agent licence.

Bookkeeping in Perth Susannah Santosha

A busy time in my life

Meanwhile, I completed my PhD in 2012, published a number of papers, presented at conferences around the world, received a number of awards and had received funding to complete my own research as a Post-doctoral research Scientist at UWA, in the area of anti-bacterial resistance. While I loved my job, I found the hours restricting and limiting. I was drawn to helping people in business, and being in a lab for hours a day kept me away from this. Plus, the long hours and commute was particularly difficult to manage with a young family. So after the birth of my second child in 2013, I decided to take a break, and spent this time helping my husband grow his business, which is when my passion for helping small businesses really began to thrive.

I quickly found I was in demand with friends and family, and was sub-contracted to work for Taxation Management Services. This enabled me to build up the experience required to get my BAS agent licence and start my own business in 2018. My drive is to help small business owners achieve their vision, to grow their businesses and succeed. Having grown 2 small businesses myself, I know the stress and hardship involved, and I know I have the tools to help. I love being part of a small business, because to me there is nothing more inspiring than literally being part of helping fulfil someone’s dream, passion and vision.

Bookkeeping in Perth Santosha Susannah

I love bookkeeping in Perth

While I love bookkeeping in Perth and all things to do with numbers and organising, it is the people I work with and the dreams they have that really inspire me. I want to help people reach their full potential, and helping small businesses thrive is one way I can do that. I also know from experience with my husband that while business owners can be great at what they do, they can also struggle in other areas of running a business, which are the areas that I love! Numbers and business planning are my thing, and supporting people in their dreams is my passion.

Never in my life did I expect to be a Bookkeeper! I thought science was my career right up until I took time off with my second baby and started to help my husband with his business. I loved how I could make things easier for my husband and fell in love doing the job that most business owners hate.

Grasp opportunities when they come your way

What I hope to impart to others is that while it’s important to have faith in your path in life. It’s also wise to stay open to opportunities even when they are unexpected. Not everything can be planned!

I hope this has given you a behind-the-scenes view into what my life looks like as a bookkeeper, and how I got here!

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